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Schumacher knows Puerto Rico

Schumacher has a decade-long relationship with Puerto Rico, made possible by our employee Edwin Olivencia over the 12 years he's been with our company!

There are currently over 50 Puerto Rican employees at Schumacher, with many more over the past 10 years, all contributing significantly to the knowledge and experience of our personnel.

Schumacher is currently developing relationships with los Departamentos del Trabajo in Puerto Rico and also with universities, from which we had 2 interns this year.


Ediwn Olivencia: Employee Success From Puerto Rico

Many Puerto Rican employees begin working in the field at Schumacher, and through their development eventually grow over time to be in positions where they lead and train entire teams of employees.

Edwin joined Schumacher 12 years ago as a field employee, was promoted to Foreman, and now works as Production Manager.

Schumacher feels like an extension of my Puerto Rican family.
— Edwin

Edwin is proud of the personal and professional growth he's achieved at Schumacher, and the financial security he's been able to achieve for his family. Perhaps above all, he values the family atmosphere at Schumacher, which aligns with his Puerto Rican values.

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