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New England’s Oldest & Most Trusted Name in Landscaping

Schumachers have been working the soil for generations. The Schumacher family farm in Lexington inspired John Schumacher to start a landscaping business in 1965 that eventually became one of the largest landscape companies in New England. David Schumacher proudly continues his father’s tradition with Schumacher Companies, Inc.

Landscape Artisans

What connects Schumacher Companies to the Schumacher tradition is the pride we feel in creating works of lasting value, in achieving results that surpass expectations, and in honoring the visions that inspired them. Ours is a dedication to quality that recalls an earlier era when working with the land was a skill acquired through years of hard work and apprenticeship. This is why I describe the people of The Schumacher Companies as landscape artisans.

The Company We Keep

In addition, the Schumacher family extends far beyond those with the last name of Schumacher. Our employees - often related themselves - are unusually committed to the company and can lay equal claim to the proud reputation associated with the Schumacher name.


The Schumacher Companies create landscape environments aimed at bringing delight to those who design, enter and view them. We are an engaging team of caring and proud landscape professionals with a common goal: providing the absolute best in landscape construction, maintenance, irrigation and masonry work. We use our hundreds of years of combined experience, working closely with architects, developers, contractors, property managers and homeowners alike to create environments that are both aesthetically captivating and practical.


Quality landscaping endures

Only experienced and caring professionals have the ability to bring to life an environment that is a synthesis of lasting and quality artistic visions.

Our employees understand both the gritty nature and aesthetic spirit of landscaping as only dedicated professionals can. They are crafts-people who take pride in the quality of their work because it is an expression of who they are as individuals. As a result, Schumacher projects are characterized by a fastidious attention to detail and an uncommon passion for perfection.

We work closely with our clients to develop a shared sense of purpose and an intimate understanding of the result they desire. We then approach the task with single-minded focus, cutting no corners on preparation, quality of materials, or execution. Our work endures over time - consequently, so do our relationships with clients.

Connect with us!

Please send us some details and we'll make sure the right person gets in touch with you.

Connect with us!

Please send us some details and we'll make sure the right person gets in touch with you.